ABC's iPhone Style.

ABC Animals is an interactive alphabet flashcard application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Thanks to fans of ABC Animals worldwide, Critical Matter was able to donate $8000.00 to the Will Lammerding Fund. For more information on Will and what you can do to lend a hand please click here. Thanks again to everyone for their support and generosity!

ABC Animals provides a wonderful set of interactive flashcards that aid in teaching young children to recognize, say and print English alphabet letters. Intuitively scroll between cards with the flick of a finger. Fun and engaging animal illustrations help to keep learning ABC's fun! Audio accompanies each card providing a letter name, associated animal name and the phonetics for each letter. Double tap any card to flip it over and practice tracing both uppercase and lowercase letters right on the screen of your iPhone. Shake to erase. Preferences allow a parent to choose the type of letter tracing outline best suited for their child, enable or disable any or all sound effects, randomize card order or prevent cards from flipping over if practicing writing skills or phonics isn't age appropriate.

Hear both letter and animal names scrolling between cards.

Quality illustrations help to keep your children engaged.

Hear letter phonetics and practice writing letters with a finger or stylus.

Please note that the iPod Touch does not have built in speakers! To hear the audio for ABC Animal's on the iPod Touch, users will need to plug headphones into the headphone jack.