Show monster creativity.

Monster Mix & Match is an interactive mix and match application for Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch.

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Carry 27,000 monsters in your pocket! A 21st century take on a classic children's toy, creating a unique monster has never been easier or more fun. Monster Mix and Match is an entertaining way for children to explore their creative side while promoting both critical thinking and problem solving. With 27,000 possible monster combinations, Monster Mix and Match is an entertaining and educational diversion that will keep children coming back for more.

Swap the head, torso or legs of a monster using a simple swipe of your finger. Press the middle "mix" button or shake your device to create a new and completely randomized monster. Pressing the "match" button on the far right will match the torso and legs to the currently selected head. Change the background color and pattern by scrolling the dial either up or down. Take a snapshot of monster creations and save them to your iPhone or iPod Touch's photo album using the "portrait" button.

Create up to 27,000 different monster combinations.

Unique and high quality illustrations keep children engaged.

Save your favorite monster creations to your Photo Album to show or share.

Please note that the first generation iPod Touch does not have built in speakers! To hear the audio for Monster Mix & Match on the iPod Touch, users will need to plug headphones into the headphone jack.